Services & Finances


Individual Therapy

One-on-one private sessions that are tailored to meet your individual needs. After your needs have been assessed, a plan of action will be created to guide our meetings. Oftentimes, session work consists of working through difficult emotions and troubling thoughts. At times, partners and other family members are brought in to help develop a support system. Individual sessions are 55 minutes in length and are $100. Frequency and times of sessions are based on your personal needs and schedule. Weekday and Saturday appointments are available. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a powerful tool for the treatment of perinatal difficulties. It is common for women who are experiencing these difficulties to feel isolated and alone; as if they were the only woman on Earth who has ever had such thoughts and feelings. Group provides an opportunity for you to meet with other women who are experiencing similar struggles during the transition to motherhood. Groups will form based on interest and need. There is currently a postpartum adjustment group that meets every other Saturday morning. Group sessions are 60 minutes in length and are $40. 

Insurance and reduced rates

I am considered an "out-of-network" provider for most major insurance policies which means that I do not directly submit claims to your insurance company. If you are interested in using your insurance benefits, please check with your provider about "out-of-network" mental health benefits and reimbursement coverage. This means that you pay the full fee at the time of service and are provided with a form that you will use to seek reimbursement. I also offer a limited number of reduced rate slots. These are available on a time-limited basis and are based on financial need. Please call or email me directly for more information regarding these options.